Chinese flute solos : A collection of music for the traditional chinese bamboo flute = Chinesische Flötensoli

beteiligte Personen: Stock, Jonathan P. J. 1963- [BerichterstatterIn]
Verfasserangabe: Selected and transcribed for performance on the western transverse flute by Jonathan Stock
Medientyp: Mehrbändiges Werk
veröffentlicht: Mainz [u. a.]: Schott, 19XX-
enthält: Lady Meng Jiang
Perpetual spring
Purple bamboo melody
Red, red moon
Su Wu tends sheep
Eight segment brocade
Playing the qin
Three variations on plum blossom
Song of happiness
Flying partridge / Arr. Lu Chunling
Here comes the cuckoo / Hu Jiexu
Happy meeting / Arr. Fang Kun
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