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APA Zitierstil
Morray, W. ([1634?]). Nyne songs.Edinburgh: [J. Wreittoun].
ISBD Zitierstil
Morray, William:
Nyne songs / collected out of the Holy Scriptures of Old and New Testament, drawne foorth of the pure fountaines of Hebreuu and Greeke ; translated, paraphrased in prose, summed, analysed, notted vpon, grounds for vse and doctrine observed in every one of them, and finally paraphrased in English meeter, by Mr. William Moray ... — Edinburgh : [J. Wreittoun], [1634?]. — [8], 100 p.
Imperfect: cropped, with some loss of printImprint cropped; publisher and date of imprint suggested by STC (2nd ed.)Reproduction of original in the University of Edinburgh. LibrarySTC (2nd ed.), 18166.
MLA Zitierstil
Morray, William. Nyne Songs.Edinburgh: [J. Wreittoun], [1634?].
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