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Main Author: Strauss, Richard
Other Authors: Composer and Clemens Krauss (1893–1954) []
media type: E-Book Notated Music
LEADER 00870ncm a2200253 c 4500
001 finc-15-capriccioop85straussrichard
007 cr
008 1940 ger
041 |a ger 
100 |a Strauss, Richard  |e cmp 
245 |a Capriccio 
246 |a Ein Konversationsstück für Musik (A Conversation Piece for Music) 
336 |b ntm 
260 |c 1940 
650 |y 1940 
500 |a Number of Movements/Sections: 1 act 
590 |a Early 20Th Century  |b Voices, Mixed Chorus (Satb), Orchestra 
689 |a Early 20Th Century 
689 |a Voices, Mixed Chorus (Satb), Orchestra 
700 |a Composer and Clemens Krauss (1893–1954)  |e ctb 
856 |q text/html  |3 Petrucci Musikbibliothek  |u https://imslp.org/wiki/Capriccio,_Op.85_(Strauss,_Richard) 
935 |c muno 
970 |c PN 
980 |a capriccioop85straussrichard  |b 15  |c sid-15-col-imslp 
openURL url_ver=Z39.88-2004&ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&ctx_enc=info%3Aofi%2Fenc%3AUTF-8&rfr_id=info%3Asid%2Fvufind.svn.sourceforge.net%3Agenerator&rft.title=Capriccio&rft.date=1940&rft_val_fmt=info%3Aofi%2Ffmt%3Akev%3Amtx%3Adc&rft.creator=Strauss%2C+Richard&rft.pub=&rft.format=eBook&rft.language=German
_version_ 1759346746662584320
access_facet Electronic Resources
author Strauss, Richard
author2 Composer and Clemens Krauss (1893–1954)
author2_role ctb
author2_variant c a c k cack
author_facet Strauss, Richard, Composer and Clemens Krauss (1893–1954)
author_role cmp
author_sort Strauss, Richard
author_variant r s rs
building Library A
collection sid-15-col-imslp
era_facet 1940
facet_avail Online, Free
facet_local_del330 Early 20Th Century, Voices, Mixed Chorus (Satb), Orchestra
finc_class_facet not assigned
fincclass_txtF_mv music
footnote Number of Movements/Sections: 1 act
format eBook, NotatedMusic
format_access_txtF_mv Notated Music
format_de14 Musical Score
format_de15 Musical Score
format_del152 Noten
format_detail_txtF_mv score-online-monograph-independent
format_dezi4 e-Book
format_finc Book, E-Book, Notated Music
format_legacy NotatedMusic
format_legacy_nrw Musical Score
format_nrw Musical Score
format_strict_txtF_mv Notated Music, Website
geogr_code not assigned
geogr_code_person not assigned
id finc-15-capriccioop85straussrichard
illustrated Not Illustrated
imprint 1940
imprint_str_mv 1940
institution DE-D117, DE-Trs1, DE-Mh31, DE-575, DE-L152, DE-15, DE-540, DE-Frei50, DE-Kn38, DE-1972, DE-1156, DE-Stg111, DE-Ka84
isil_str_mv DE-1156, DE-15, DE-1972, DE-540, DE-D117, DE-Frei50, DE-Ka84, DE-Kn38, DE-L152, DE-Mh31, DE-Stg111, DE-Trs1
language German
last_indexed 2023-03-03T11:43:25.667Z
match_str strauss1940capriccio
mega_collection IMSLP (Petrucci Library)
publishDate 1940
publishDateSort 1940
record_format marcfinc
record_id capriccioop85straussrichard
recordtype marcfinc
rvk_facet No subject assigned
score 17,881548
source_id 15
spelling Strauss, Richard cmp, Capriccio, Ein Konversationsstück für Musik (A Conversation Piece for Music), ntm, 1940, Number of Movements/Sections: 1 act, Early 20Th Century Voices, Mixed Chorus (Satb), Orchestra, Early 20Th Century, Voices, Mixed Chorus (Satb), Orchestra, Composer and Clemens Krauss (1893–1954) ctb, text/html Petrucci Musikbibliothek https://imslp.org/wiki/Capriccio,_Op.85_(Strauss,_Richard)
spellingShingle Strauss, Richard, Capriccio, 1940, Early 20Th Century, Voices, Mixed Chorus (Satb), Orchestra
title Capriccio
title_alt Ein Konversationsstück für Musik (A Conversation Piece for Music)
title_auth Capriccio
title_full Capriccio
title_fullStr Capriccio
title_full_unstemmed Capriccio
title_short Capriccio
title_sort capriccio
topic 1940, Early 20Th Century, Voices, Mixed Chorus (Satb), Orchestra
topic_facet Early 20Th Century, Voices, Mixed Chorus (Satb), Orchestra